Are we “At Ease”?

As I was reading Daniel today, I was struck by something.  Daniel 4:4 says that Nebuchadnezzar was at "ease" in his house and flourishing in his palace.  This was right before the Lord took everything and put him to live like the beasts for 7 years.  Now fast forward - vs. 7.25 - the saints of the Highest One get worn down and there are alterations of times and laws - hmmm- look at what is happening in our nation.  Then forward to vs. 8:25 - And through shrewdness he will cause deceit to succeed by his influence.... (keep reading) and he will destroy many while they are at "ease".  The church at large is at ease my friends- comfortable in our American palaces and flourishing - I shook inside as I read this.  "Ease" is the opposite of a soldiers stand.  Entering through the side gate is "ease"y  but entering through the narrow and continuing through it till eternity takes diligence and concentration and awareness and light that only comes through His Word - be aware today my friends - it is an URGENT call.

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